Being the youngest of 5 siblings wasn't always easy...I had hand-me-downs and got beat up a lot.

You see, I grew up on a dead-end dirt road in Villa Rica, GA to deaf parents. At an early age I found music and started playing drums, guitar, and really just about any musical instrument. I had my sights set on getting out of my little town and hitting the big stages! 

After my lost and crazy teenage years, I found myself an opportunity to work backstage and help set up concerts all around the world! I spent 18+ years traveling around the world with music artists such as Travis Tritt, Trace Adkins, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Seal and many more. 

During all of that bounding around, I fed my entrepreneur spirt and invented products and education for the event production industry, as well as, dabbled in a bit of Real Estate Investing on the side. 

I also wrote and published two music business career books and created multiple online career development course to help others succeed in their own event production careers, just like I had! In efforts to sell my books and programs, I became a Digital Marketer, Ads Expert, and an On-Camera Host...That's for another book!

Long story short, 2020 and the pandemic shut down the event industry and I had to make a hard pivot. Taking my skills and experience, I launched a Knowledge Broker Agency where I help Real Estate Pros create courses and coaching programs, and sell the heck out of it online!

I'm the host of Real Estate Educator Radio podcast and host of the show on NBC Radio called, Pivot With Purpose

I'm a #proudhusband to the amazing Nekai and grateful for what adventures are ahead!  

Real Estate Educator Accelerator

Are you a Real Estate Agent or Investor that wants to create a high-ticket coaching program and help coach others to Real Estate Success? 
WATCH this FREE 44min Video Training walking you through exactly how we help our clients build and successfully launch their programs! 

Real Estate Educator Radio

This podcast will help Real Estate Pros learn how to successfully create online training programs and sell the heck out of them online using my B.U.Y.E.R.S. Method. From solo strategy episodes to interviews with top Real Estate Educators and Marketers. 


Have you ever thought about pursuing music for a living but you don’t even play a musical instrument? Have you ever wanted to go backstage and be a part of those big concerts at your local arena or stadium? How about working with celebrities, on television shows, or behind the scenes of those red carpet awards shows? Ever wanted to travel the world and 
get paid for doing it?

If this sounds like you, then you’ve picked up the right book! Within the pages of “Backstage Pass - 10 Things To Consider When Becoming A Touring Music Tech” you’ll learn, the most important points on how to get into the music business, such as how to get your first gig, and how to arm yourself with all of the knowledge to make being a Touring Music Tech a long-lasting career. This book is for people who are ready to take action and live the fast-paced, traveling, music life 
of their dreams.

Stagehand 101

The information in this manual will be knowledge that will serve you on the Local Crew level and beyond if you choose to pursue event production as a career. I had to learn the hard way like most current stagehands and learn as I go by doing shows and asking questions, and often times 
making mistakes. 

Applying the skills in this book right away will save you years of learning curve and help you excel quicker and gain more experience by allowing you to be ready for work opportunities as they come, like truss spot or deckhand. So, arm yourself with this knowledge and gain the necessary skills fast to be the best Stagehand to work with in your Local Crew! 
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